Creative Flow Alchemy 


Peer-to-peer training for mastering and monetizing your millennial magic.®

If you are a heart-centered millennial creative committed to channeling your creative spirit into building a sustainable life, business and legacy, then Creative Flow Alchemy Academy is home for you.

You Were Born To Be Creative.

Creative in your life, work, relationships, spiritual practice, and beyond.  


This is the season to tap into your Creative Flow on a deeper level, boldly step into your purpose, and activate your Millennial Magic by forging a path more in alignment with your true calling.

I t’s your time. 


Had big plans for your life that the universe put on hold?

We know this past year has been one for the record books. As a collective, we've lost everything from jobs to relationships to our sense of purpose. 

And for some—even our dreams have felt further away from us.

Even in the midst of uncanny change, millennials are creative, determined and resilient AF.

Let’s take the lessons of our 20’s, flip them and make them work for us  NOW!

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Creative Flow Alchemy Academy is the home for heart-centered millennial creatives in the pursuit of harnessing their gifts, exploring new concepts and visions, stepping into their role as a deliberate creator, and using their life’s work to contribute to the collective.

If you are an established creative entrepreneur looking to up level your craft, or a new creator with unexpressed potential ready to be unlocked, this is the space for you. 

Book and Coffee

The Problem

Creative Flow is often blocked by feelings of...


imposter syndrome 



Not being in alignment with our Divine Natural Approach to living leaves us feeling like life is working against us instead of for us (as it should be). It’s challenging to tap into our innate flow state when we are uninspired and unconscious of what we need to get our blocked creative energy in motion.     


Sometimes our journey is filled with way more hustle and blocks than we need, and we have to experience a restricted flow state in order to get clear on how we truly desire to live.


Creative Flow Alchemy aspires to shift the tide and show the Millennial Creative how to become the creative director of their life.

“Creative Flow Alchemy is certainly life-changing! I was able to fully understand the type of business woman I am. I was able to see the full picture of my thinking process, business launches and manifestation of my work. In all, I would have to say the assignment was not timely but it has proven to be essential to a new season I see myself entering. My confidence has increased. Now that I have this true picture of where my success lies, I am certain that greatness is to come.” 




Our Divine Mission

We want you aligned AF with your divine purpose and seamlessly integrating mind, body, and spirit into your creative process. 


The late and great Maya Angelou said,

 “You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”


Our mission is to get Millennial Creatives pulling from the unlimited wellspring of their own Creative Flow Alchemy, and using that energy to influence, powerfully manifest, and create with conscious intention.


*Because you are WORTHY, WHOLE, AND DIVINE*

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The Solution

Our purpose is to deepen your intuition, roadmap your future with clarity, and empower you to use Creative Flow in every aspect of your life.


How can you create a change in your life?


Tap into this space made just for you


Creative Flow Alchemy Academy ...


stands out from other platforms


Unlike the rigid formal structure of traditional learning, we are an



We aim to assist in the global shift by providing Millennial Creatives with material that resonates on a mind, body, and soul level. 


This platform is not about check-lists and activities, but it’s about empowering you to do the work and seeing you through to success. 


We know there is a better way to design a life where you are thriving in your creative power and we intend to help you discover it.    



“Already I'm seeing how the patterns in my life can actually be my strengths. I'm excited to see the process unfold and have been able to take a step back and see how much I've accomplished. I'm appreciating how far I've come. Creative Flow Alchemy has been a way to shift my energy surrounding what's possible. Exciting times!" 



Is CFAA membership the way to go for me?

Let’s explore!

Creative Flow Academy is for...

them 30 somethings’ ready for refinement. 

If you’ve been hiding behind the expectations of what others have set for you

If you’ve been avoiding the thing that terrifies you and sets your soul on fire 

If you’ve been right on the edge manifesting with new vision but don’t know how to detox the debrief of debilitating self-doubt and comfort

And if you are TRULY ready to take charge of your own journey


...the Creative Flow Alchemy Academy

  exists for you!

“Creative Flow Alchemy helped me to learn more about myself and better understand the changes and patterns in my creative cycle and see how I can improve my routines and reclaim my time. I have noticed where I have been blocked and came up with a new way of viewing it. I am more attuned with my internal rhythms.”





What does being in Creative Flow mean to you? 


Perhaps it’s being innately tuned into your intuition and allowing it to guide you to deeper levels of creativity. 


Maybe it’s about shifting your perspective to something outside of the box to unlock new concepts and visions. 


It could even be as simple as letting curiosity and inspiration lead to immersing yourself in an activity that you love.


Wherever you find yourself on your creative journey, just know that Creative Flow Alchemy Academy is here to help you connect the dots.


We want to see you flex your creativity!



Let’s have a heart to heart

What does being in Creative Flow mean to you? 


Perhaps it’s being innately tuned into your intuition and allowing it to guide you to deeper levels of creativity. 


Maybe it’s about shifting your perspective to something outside of the box to unlock new concepts and visions. 


It could even be as simple as letting curiosity and inspiration lead to immersing yourself in an activity that you love.


Wherever you find yourself on your creative journey, just know that Creative Flow Alchemy Academy is here to help you connect the dots.


We want to see you flex your creativity!

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What Do Millennial Creatives 

Share In Common?

Millennial Creatives are Heart-Centered, Non-conformist, Rulebreakers, Misfits, Dropouts, Empaths, Introverts, Extroverts, Innovators, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Soloprenuers, and Bosses. 


Millennial Creatives are adventurous at heart, naturally curious, and always aiming to drive impact.


Millennial Creatives desire to live life on their own terms and by their own rules.


Millennial Creatives want to travel the world, make new connections, and have an abundant income while building a legacy.


We go against the curve to get back to ourselves, and no one will shame or blame us into living less than freely or conforming to the status quo.



“Through Creative Flow Alchemy, I discovered that COVID affected me more than I thought it had, that I'm a totally different person from what I was last year, that a lot can change in a few months, that I'm blocking myself, that I hold the power for change, even if I don't know how to use it yet.”


Creative Flow Academy Membership

Coaching, personal growth, micro-trainings, live events, 

entrepreneurship 101, connection with a like-minded community, and beyond.

One Membership
 Two Pathways


Access on-demand library of micro-trainings designed to guide you through every dimension of personal wellness and development.

Live Master Coaching

Learn Live Cohorts led by expert master coaches every 12 weeks covering the 4 seasons of

Creative Flow Alchemy.

Creative Flow Alchemy

Academy Methodology

We view the creative journey as a cycle through four seasons.

Each season has its own diverse range of characteristics and exhibits the process of exploring, tapping into, and optimizing creative expression. 


Discovering where you are on your creative journey not only offers you clarity and expands your possibilities, but it attunes you to the sacred act of creating and allows you to use that power for transformation in every area of your life. 

Creative Flow Alchemy Academy 2021 Academic Year

Orientation Session

The CFA Journey | We’ll kick off with a warm-up session to start the year. Orientation will lead us through the big question “where am I in my creative flow cycle” and teach you how to forecast the year ahead. Knowing your sweet spot as a creative will transform the way that you start and finish projects, show up as a leader, streamline your life as a whole, and influence how you activate your Millennial Magic for the long haul!

February 15 - March 19 

The Inquisitive Season

The planting stage of creativity | During this session we’ll focus on clearing out the "noise" to recognize what drives you as you discover ways to harness your gifts and make space for creativity to lead your life. We’ll do exercises designed to help you observe what is happening within you on a mental, physical, and emotional level—and then use that awareness to explore the creative potential inside of you.

 March 20 - June 19 

The Inspired Season

The rooting stage of creativity | During this session we’ll focus on heart-centered best practices for discovering, exploring, and implementing new ways to nurture creative energy. Here you’ll place a big emphasis on shadow integration and reconnecting with creative freedom and embracing that part of yourself that has always been there —you will lift the restrictions.

 June 20 - September 21 

The Intuitive Season

The growing stage of creativity | We’ll focus this session on the law of deliberate creation. Work here is designed to aid you in transitioning out of the hustle and into alignment in work with your values. You’ll learn to trust your personal flow and tune into your creative intelligence and receptivity as the key tools of manifesting more intentional relationships and profitable projects.

September 22 - December 20 

The Intentional Season

The harvesting stage of creativity | This session is all about shifting perspective from “I” to “We”. Here we focus on graduating to a service/impact-centered approach to creativity in life and business. You’ll learn to bridge the gap between yourself and the rest of humanity through the work that you do. You will close the year by having integrated empowered relationships with yourself, your team, peers, and colleagues by deliberately focusing your thoughts on integrity and legacy.

March 20 - June 21 

Creative Flow Alchemy Academy Master Coaches

We’re doing things differently here.

Every season, you’ll learn from an experienced expert in the fields of personal development, transformation and entrepreneurship. For 12 weeks, each coach will guide you through deep discovery with actionable training that is designed to support your individual growth and improve the ways you connect to source, self and others. 

You’ll learn all of our secrets for channeling what’s already inside of you to create a magical life that’s filled with intention and alignment.

Rachel Rai Henry

Founder of CFAA

Rachel Rai Henry, is a black woman, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and creator, born and raised in the glory, grind, and grit of the midwest city of Detroit. A passionate social-entrepreneur, She is the founder and CEO of the Live Rich Be Well Co., a lifestyle brand celebrating connection, creativity + culture for BIPOC millennials. Her substantial career as a Project Management consultant for creative agencies, brands, communities, and entrepreneurs has provided her the experience to intuitively find the connection between people and process. A pioneer of multifaceted, millennial magic, Rachel’s superpower is Creative Flow Alchemy. When she’s not working, you can find her with passport and plane ticket in hand, hosting soulful events for family and friends, practicing yoga, or whirling kitchen magic, every chance she gets!

Colin Bedell

Founder of QueerCosmos 

Colin Bedell is a queer Gemini Twin from Long Island, New York.  He's a passionate student of secular personal-growth systems, and the universal spiritual themes explored in A Course in Miracles. Well & Good Magazine listed Colin as one of the most influential people in the wellness industry and as a 2020 Innovator. Complementing his work with QueerCosmos, Colin's the weekly horoscope writer for His bestselling first book A Little Bit of Astrology from Sterling Publishers debuted November ‘18, his second book Queer Cosmos: The Astrology of Queer Identities & Relationships which launched last November was ranked the #1 Astrology book for beginners by the DailyDot magazine, and his third book Gemini by Sterling debuted January 2020.


Moses Hall

Founder of  MoHall C & UD.

Moses Hall is a licensed REALTOR® that specializes in commercial investment property acquisitions and commercial real estate disposition. In January 2019, Moses launched MoHall Commercial & Urban Development, where his focus is redevelopment through commercial real estate and investment properties. Through collaborative efforts, his ultimate goal is to revitalize communities and build wealth through real estate on the south side of Chicago. Moses' mission has been highlighted in publications, as he received the prestigious honor of being named Realtor Magazine 30 under 30 Class of 2019. Moses has 10+ years of experience defining and executing innovative investment strategies to build profitable real estate portfolios locally and internationally.




Master Coaches





Master Coaches



You’ll also learn from your peers!

Peer to Peer Alchemy (P2P)

We’ve done the research and we’ve taken the time to make sure you’re getting support from every possible angle. That’s why at CFAA, we celebrate all creative wins by highlighting the journey and process of up and coming millennial creatives and entrepreneurs through our peer training program. 


Every month, you’ll receive newly added micro-trainings added into your membership from creatives in every field sharing their tips, tricks, and best practices for achieving success from their personal lived experiences!


P2P Trainings cover topics rooted in every dimension of wellness from mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial wellness!


Cultivating Confidence Through Your Authentic Personal Style 👔👗


Alchemizing Stigmas In Wellness Through Design 🧚🏾‍♀️🦄


Transformation Treasure Hunt 🌈💰


Ditching Debt in 365 Days or Less 💵


Spiritual Recovery & Reconnection 🙏🏼


Energy Work For Creatives 💫


Branding For

The Quirky Creative 💻


Self-Care as Personal Advocacy 💜


Millennial Mompreneur 

Comeback! 👶🏽

And, the best perk … all CFAA members are eligible to apply to our peer training program* designed to provide them a safe and supportive environment for sharing teachable wins, offering soft and hard skills. Our Peer Training program is the perfect space for developing leadership skills, credibility, visibility and most importantly — impact!

“I discovered through Creative Flow Alchemy that I have made a lot of accomplishments in the past year and even in the past month. I have to be proud of myself and learn to reward myself with rest and care instead of more work.” 




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Benefits of Joining The Academy

You get direct access to experts who value a heart-centered approach to living

You gain connection to members seeking meaningful collaboration

You get real-time results as you make your way through the curriculum and rewards for achievement

You get to add value to other millennial creatives through our peer trainer program 

You get accountability and support every step of the way

You receive customized tools and resources you need to deepen your understanding 

You get to learn on your own time from your laptop or with mobile app access

You get to learn on your own terms with an affordable, low risk commitment with guaranteed return on investment 


Peek inside the community.

We’ve taken it off of social media to curate a 100% member-minded community. Homeroom is a distraction-free space for fostering authentic connections with other members, peer trainers and master coaches. 

Homeroom Live


Meet us the 1st Sunday of the month at 11 am CST to receive real-time coaching, a chance to share your creative wins and be cheered on for the month ahead.

You Are Already A There


As a Creative Flow Alchemy 

Academy Member…

You’ll DEEPEN your intuition.

You’ll RELEASE limiting

mindsets and connections.

You’ll EMBODY lifestyle manifestation.

You’ll BOLDLY step into the purpose you were born to live out in this lifetime.


We are an authentic tribe of boundary setters, 

work/life balancers,

and “holistic wellness is mine” believers.  


If you are ready to shift your energy towards

full-time alignment and step into your creative power, then CFA Academy is the platform for you. 



Our Mission Is Clear:

Co-create the pathways to help you step into your divine purpose, birth the brilliant ideas that you have been holding inside of you, and engage you in an intentional relationship with creative energy.

So how much will I need to invest?


For a limited time, we’re offering membership access to our platform and all of our incredible curriculum for only $444.00!

The Value

When you join CFAA you’ll get access to ...

  • A Private Membership Portal [desktop and mobile-friendly]

  • Heart-Centered Expert Coaching every 12 Weeks

  • Unlimited Access To Self-Paced Micro Trainings and Classes 

  • Authentic Community and Accountability Hubs 

  • A one-to-one orientation call with our founder Rachel Rai

  • Exclusive Live Challenges 

  • Access to CFA Member Directory to Connect + Collaborate 

  • Access to Monthly Guest Live Streams 

  • Discounts on All Premium Coaching, Classes,  Events and Merchandise

  • Free Swag 

  • Rewards for Referrals and Course Progress

  • Earn CEU's - Coming soon

Apply today to receive this exclusive annual access to the introductory rate of only $444.00!

Are we missing anything?  Please contact us and we’ll be right in touch!

Frequently asked questions

Do I get access to everything at once?

At sign-up, you’ll receive access to all active curriculum and events in Creative Flow Alchemy Academy. We are also committed to adding value through a contiguous roll-out of incredible peer-to-peer training and resources.

How much time do I need to devote to the academy?

That’s completely up to you! The on-demand trainings were designed with your personal and work-life balance in mind. Please study at your leisure but we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our live coaching for the best result and to get the most of your membership!

What date does this start?

Early-enrollment is available from January 11 -31 2021. Open Enrollment will resume on March 1, 2021. At this time, our cost of attendance will increase.

Do I need specific software to attend CFAA? What if I don’t have a computer?

We’ve got you! You can sign-into the academy from any device [computer, tablet, phone] and there is no special software needed. Simply open a browser and visit

I’m not a millennial, can I still join CFAA?

Of course! We don’t discriminate! We just celebrate #millennialmagic! That said, anyone over 18 [or with a legal guardian per our Terms + Conditions] can enjoy our membership!

Why Should I Become A Member Today Instead Of Waiting Until March 2021?

We’re offering a one-time-only exclusive legacy pricing for the first 100 members to enroll in CFAA during the early enrollment period. We’re able to offer this because we want to use this time to get to know our community close up and personal, develop a mindfully-crafted culture, and prepare for an exciting year ahead.

Will I have a chance to work with or get one-on-one support from Rachel or another peer trainer/coach?

You can always ask questions and get advice, support, and feedback any time from within our community feature! There will also be options for bonus coaching, one-to-one premium coaching services in the membership. And, you’ll always be able to reach out to peer trainers/coaches and other members through our member directory for a more personal experience.

Is there a Facebook Group Community?

We have created an exclusive collection of communities for our members to connect, collaborate, and flow. The best part — our community feature requires absolutely 0% social media!

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Please find the Terms + Conditions and Privacy Policy.

What if I don’t enjoy my membership? What is your refund policy?

We don’t want to see you leave. If there is ever a way we can improve the quality of your experience, simply send us an email to and we will be sure to reach out and see how we can serve you. Due to the nature of our digital service, we do not provide refunds for membership. However, you can cancel at any time to ensure you will not be billed in the future.


Lock in access at just $444.00/yr

We Can’t Wait To See You On The Inside!